14 Day Cancellations

If a customer changes their mind within 14 days the Start Date of their Monthly Plan.

  • Process the Refund of their initial payment

Please Note: It's up to you to work out how much they might owe you for lessons already attended. You don't need to add a charge - just subtract the cost of the lessons attended from the refund.

What if they are staying on as a Pay in Advance Customer?

In this case you don't need to process a refund, but you will need to add the Pay in Advance charges to their account.

Cancelling the Plan

  • Find the relevant Plan
  • Select the 14-Day Cancellations button

  • This will open the 14-Day Cancellation options

Remove From Class

  • If the Consumer is leaving, click Remove from Class
    • The Consumer will be removed from all future lessons
  • If the Consumer is staying on as a Pay in Advance, DO NOT click Remove from Class
  • Ignore the Cancel Order button
  • Click Cancel Plan