Monthly Plan 30 Day Cancellations (Daily Rate)


EXAMPLE: When a customer cancels their Monthly Plan:

  • The Customer Pays £20 per month on the 1st of every month. Their current account balance is £0.00
  • They give notice to leave on 15th December, so their 30 days notice means they owe you up to 14th January
  • They've already paid up to 31st December, so they will be charged for an extra 14 days (£9.03)
  • Their 1 month deposit (£20) is credited back to their account
  • Their remaining balance is £10.97, which will need to be refunded.
  • Navigate to the Customer
  • Select the Plans tab
  • On the plan that needs cancelling, click on the "X" button

1pSelect Date Notice Given and click Refresh Button

  • This is limited to 7 days in either direction
    • If you don't click the refresh button the charges and credits will not adjust

green button

  • Select Cancellation Reason
  • Add extra Feedback
  • Choose the Date of the last lesson the consumer will attend

NOTE: The number next to the date shows how much the customer will be charged extra to make up the 30 days notice period. Lessons that fall within 30 days will all have the same charge. 

If lessons are available beyond their 30 days notice the chargeable amount is adjusted accordingly.


Sunday 16th feb

The Summary shows:
  • Charges Applied
  • Credits Applied
  • Final Balance

30-Day Cancellations actioned within 14 days:

If you are processing a 30-day cancellation within 14 days of the Plan Start Date, you will need to select Allow Early Plan Cancellation

 Click Cancel Plan to apply all charges and credits:
  • The Consumer will be removed from the register for all lessons after the chosen "Last Lesson" date 
  • The swimmer's rollover status will be changed to "No"
  • The Customer will receive a confirmation email
    • see Franscape Settings > Email Templates > Monthly Plan Cancellation Confirmation (Customer)
  • The franchisee will receive an email
    • See Franscape Settings > Email Templates > Franchisee confirmation that consumer cancelled the plan

PLEASE NOTE: If you've already rolled over the course before processing the 30 days notice, you will need to remove the consumer from the upcoming class. You can do this as normal once you've cancelled the plan.