Adding a Consumer to a Single Lesson

How to manually add a Consumer into a singular lesson.

If a customer has booked into some of the lessons but wishes to book into another, this is how you will be able to manage it so they can attend the lessons they want. Ultimately, they can be booked into an individual lesson without booking a block.

Caution: This does NOT add any charges relevant to the lesson, you'll need to add them manually. See Transactions - Charges.


Note: You can only add Consumers to a lesson if they are booked onto the class. To check this go into:  Class > Consumers list.


  • In the class, go to Calendar.
  • On the day where they are not on the register, click on the Green '+' button

  • Select the student from the drop-down list (it only shows students that are not in that lesson)
  • Confirm