Adding/Removing Consumers from individual Lessons

How to manually add / remove Consumers from individual Lessons

Adding a Consumer to a Lesson

WARNING: Removing a monthly consumer from a lesson will mean their plan does not charge them for this lesson upon cancelling their plan.

NOTE: This does NOT add any charges relevant to the lesson, you'll need to add them manually. See Transactions - Charges.

Note: You can only add Consumers to a lesson if they are already booked onto the class.

To check this, go into:  Class > Consumers list.

  • Navigate to the Class > Calendar
  • Click on the PLUS icon next to the Lesson

  • Select the Consumer from the drop-down
  • Click Add Consumer

Removing a Consumer from a Lesson

PLEASE NOTE:  Transactions are not automatically adjusted when removing a consumer from a Lesson

  • Navigate to the Class > Calendar
  • Click on the DELETE icon next to the Consumer
  • Click Continue to confirm the removal

NOTE: Removing a consumer from a lesson also removes them from the lessons register, even after a register has been completed.