Assigning an Instructor to a Territory

An Instructor must be assigned to a Territory so that they can be assigned to Classes.
You can only assign an Instructor to a Territory you own. Your FranScape Administrator can assign an Instructor to any Territory if required.
Instructors that are not assigned to any of your Territories will NOT appear in your Franchisee portal. You will need to contact your FranScape Administrator to get them assigned.

NOTE: If an Instructor is shared by multiple Franchisees, those Franchisees will be able to see all notes and documents for that Instructor.

  • Navigate to the Instructor
  • Select the Territories tab

Amanda edwards #2

  • Click Assign Territory
  • Select the required Territory from the drop-down list (Only Territories you own will appear in the list)

The Instructor will now be available to assign to Classes at Venues in that Territory.