Bookings Report

The Bookings Report logs every confirmed booking made under your account.

Note: This table will only show you confirmed bookings. Waiting List Bookings will only appear under the Waiting List.

Where is this report?

The Bookings report can be found under the Sales section.

What is in the report?

In the table, you can see the following information:

  • Accepted Date
    • The date the booking was confirmed
  • Booking Type
    • Pay in Advance (includes bookings with individual lesson selection)
    • Monthly (Customer chose Monthly Plan)
    • Trial
  • Lead Source
  • Customer Name
  • Consumer Name
  • Class ID
  • Course Type
  • Course Start Date
  • Course End Date
  • First Selected Lesson Date
    • The date of the first lesson the Consumer will attend
  • Venue
  • Class Day
  • Class Time
  • Instructor
  • Franchisee (Admin Only)

NOTE: This report will not include rollovers, this will only show brand-new bookings.


NOTE: By default, this report will only show bookings in the last 7 days.

  • Click on to open the filtering options. 
  • Once selected, click Apply Filters.


The Summary shows you a total for each booking type*, plus an overall total:

*Pay-In-Advance includes bookings where the Customer can freely select which lessons they attend.


The filtered data can be exported to .CSV for further analysis as a Booking Report. Simply click Download Report Data.

The export contains all of the data in the table, plus:

  • Customer Email Address
  • Customer Phone Numbers
  • Customer Marketing Preferences