Moving a Class to another Course (Type)

How to move a Class to another Course, and inherit the new Course Type.

NOTE: Moving a class to a new course will allow you to change the Course Type of the class.


Example: Moving a Class from a Baby Course, to a Toddler Course.
This class will now change from a Baby Class, to a Toddler Class.
How to move a Class to another Course?
  • Navigate to the Class 
  • On the top right of the page, select the Move Class 

  • Select a new Course from the Course List 
    • This list will only display any in progress or upcoming courses.
    • (The brackets will display the Course Type assigned to the Course)

  • Select the Course you want to move the class into

PLEASE NOTE: You must only move a Class to a course with the same term dates.

Moving a class to a new term will not update the Class > Lessons.

  • Click the Move Class button 

Tip: To do this for next term, roll your courses over as normal, then move the upcoming class.