Changing the Level (or "Type") of a Class

If you need to change the Type of a Class - from Beginner to Confident Beginner, for example - You need to move it to the relevant Course in Franscape: 

  • Navigate to the Class that need to be moved
  • On the top right of the page, select the button with three dots on it 

button down

  • Select Move Class
    • This displays a modal window

Confidant beginner list

  • Drop down the Course List 
  • Select the Course you want to move the class into

PLEASE NOTE: You must only move a Class within it's designated Course period.

For Example: You can move a class from one Course 4 course to another, but not into a Course 5 course (this is done via Course Rollover).

  • Click the Move Class button 

Tip: To do this for next term, roll your courses over as normal, then move the upcoming class.