Changing your active weeks

How will it affect the monthly plan price?

Note: To change your active weeks, please contact your FranScape administrator.

Increasing the number of active weeks will increase the monthly price.

Why will it affect the price?

The monthly price formula:

  • (Lesson Fee x Active Weeks) / 12 Months

For more information, please see: How are the monthly payments calculated?


40 Active Weeks:


Lesson fee = £10

Active Weeks = 40

Monthly price:

(10 * 40) / 12 =  £33.33 Per Month


Increasing to 44 Active Weeks:


Lesson fee = £10

Active Weeks = 44

Monthly price:

(10 * 44) / 12 =  £36.66 Per Month

WARNING: This example does not include a discounted lesson price, which your admin may have set for your monthly formula.

When will the monthly price change?

The change will only affect payments which are scheduled after the change, any payments scheduled before the change will not be affected.


If you make the change on 31st July:

  • August payments will not be increased
    • They were scheduled in July
  • September's payments will be increased
    • They will be scheduled in August

WARNING: The customers will not be automatically informed about this price increase, it is up to you to ensure this is communicated.