Class Age Requirements

Set Min/Max age requirements on each Class

When you create a new class, or edit an existing one, you can set Minimum and/or Maximum age requirements:

Please Note: to allow for flexible age input, ages must be entered in Months.

for example: enter 3 years, 6 months as 42 months.

What does the Customer see?

When making a booking via the Finder, the customer selects which Consumers they wish to book into the class, along with their preferred start date/lesson dates (depending on booking type), then selects Check Prices.

If any of the selected Consumers are outside of the age requirements, a message will be presented to them:

How is the difference calculated?

Franscape compares the Consumer's Date of Birth against the chosen First Lesson Date.

Is the customer prevented from booking?

No. They are informed of the issue and given the option to continue or back out of the booking.

Can I get this feature turned off?

Yes. As it is activated at Franchisor level, your Franscape Administrator will need to inform us via

If deactivated, the age requirements will still be displayed, but the warning will not.