Classes - View & Manage Lessons

How to view and manage lessons within a class

View Registers

  • Navigate to the Class
  • View/Print the register:
    • Click on the Print Register button 
    • Selecting Print Register opens the register in PDF format for printing/saving

menue button

Marking a completed lesson as incomplete

  • Navigate to the Class
  • Select the Lessons Tab
  • Select the Mark as Incomplete button

Completing Registers

  • Select the Tick
  • Mark each consumer as Present or Absent
  • Click SAVE to store the completed register

Cancel a Lesson

Please see: How do I Cancel a Lesson?

Deleting a Lesson

PLEASE NOTE: Be careful - this will completely remove the lesson from Franscape

  • Select the Delete button:

Red Bin

  • Press Delete to confirm 

Adding a Lesson

PLEASE NOTE: Adding a new lesson will not add any consumers to the lesson.

This must be done manually: Adding/Removing Consumers from individual Lessons

  • Navigate to the Class
  • Select the Lessons tab
  • Click Add Lesson

  • Enter the following details:
    • Date
    • Star & End time
    • Instructor
  • Click SAVE

Change Instructor for Individual Lessons

  • Navigate to the Class
  • Select the Lessons Tab
  • Select the Print Register button
  • Select the relevant Instructor from the drop-down list
  • Click SAVE