Classes - View & Manage Lessons

How to view and manage lessons within a class

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View Registers

  • Navigate to the Class
  • View/Print the register:
    • Click on the Print Register button 
    • Selecting Print Register opens the register in PDF format for printing/saving

menue button

Marking a completed lesson as incomplete

  • Navigate to the Class
  • Select the Lessons Tab
  • Select the Mark as Incomplete button

Change Instructor for Individual Lessons

  • Navigate to the Class
  • Select the Lessons Tab
  • Select the Print Register button
  • Select the relevant Instructor from the drop down list
  • Click SAVE

update lesson register

Completing Registers

  • Selecting the tick symbol opens the register
  • You can select a different Instructor if the usual one had to be covered by someone else
  • Click SAVE to store the completed register

Cancel a Lesson

  • Select the “X” symbol to open the cancellation window

cancel Lesson

  • Select a Reason for cancelling the lesson from the list
    • This list is curated by Central Office
  • Enter any extra information you would like to add.
    • PLEASE NOTE: this information is displayed in the email to parents and instructors.
  • Leave the box ticked if you want to add a credit to each Customer.
    • The Amount is always pre-set to the lesson cost of the class.
  • Clicking SAVE cancels the lesson, applies credits and triggers emails & SMS's

PLEASE NOTE: When you click SAVE:

  • An email will go out to the Customer, Instructor and Venue.
  • An SMS will go to the Customer and Instructor

Deleting a Lesson

PLEASE NOTE: Be careful - this will completely remove the lesson from Franscape


  • Select the dust bin button 

Red Bin

  • Press Delete to confirm 

Add a Lesson

PLEASE NOTE: This function was added with catch-up lessons in mind, therefore no charges are created when adding a lesson

If you need to add a Lesson to a Class for any reason:
  • Navigate to the Class
  • Select the Lessons tab
  • Click Add Lesson

13th Augest 2018

The window is pre-filled with the current Class times and Instructor
  • Set the Date of the Lesson
  • Change the Time and Instructor if required
  • Click SAVE

PLEASE NOTE: The system no longer adds the consumers from the Class to a manually added Lesson (this is due to code involved with making the Venue Manager Report accurate). 

To Add Consumers to your newly added Lesson:
  • Select the Calendar tab
 Add consumer into calander
Here you can see your Lessons in Calendar format including Swimmer names (the format needs improving - we're working on it).
  • Click the Green Plus Symbol (next to the Lesson Date)

Add consumer to lesson

  • Select a Consumer from the list
Do this for each Consumer.