Adding Awards to Consumers

Here you can add awards to Consumers as they earn them.  

How do I add an Award to a Consumer?

  • Navigate to the relevant Consumer
  • Select the Awards Tab
  • Click Add Award

  • Select the Award Scheme
    • This list will show any Incentive Schemes which have been assigned to you by your Franscape Administrators
  • Select the Level
  • Select the Award
  • Select the date it was Awarded On
  • Add a Note (optional)
    • Limited to 100 characters
      • Notes will be seen by the customer
  • SAVE

What happens after the Award is added?

Two things happen:

  1. The customer will receive an email 
    1. This will only happen if the email template has been enabled by your Franscape Administrators.
  2. The award will appear on the Customer's Portal under the Consumer > Awards section