Booking Notes/Questions

When a Customer makes a booking, they can have the option to add notes to the Consumer

The notes/questions section will only appear if you've set one up, as shown below.

This feature has been developed so you can ask questions related to your services, that require short answers. For example:

  • Is the student allowed to go home alone?
  • Who will normally be picking up the student?
  • Enter a password - which will be required upon pickup.

These notes/questions can only be set by a Franscape Administrator, and will be added to all bookings.

Add a Question

  • Go to Settings

  • Select Options
  • Select Consumer Questionnaire
  • Select Add Option
  • Type in your question
  • Save

Where Does the Customer Answer the Question?

When making a booking, the customer is asked to answer the question/s in the booking summary, before they accept the Terms & Conditions.

  • The answer field is free text
  • There is a limit of 250 characters
  • Each answer has to be saved before progressing

Where is the note displayed once it's saved?

  • To the Customer
    • Customer Portal > My Students
    • The Customer can edit the note at any time
  • To the FranScape User
    • Consumer > Notes - There will be a note titled Consumer Questionnaire
    • The FranScape user can edit the note at any time

  • To the Instructor
    • Teacher Portal > Lesson > Consumer > Consumer Information
      • The Instructor CANNOT edit the note
    • Also visible on the second page of PDF lesson registers

What happens to the answer if it is edited?

The history of the answers given is viewable in Consumer > Notes > Consumer Questionnaire > View