Course Rollover

Have you set your upcoming Venue Skip Dates? You'll need to do this before processing your course rollovers. See article Venue Skip Dates

A Course can be rolled over at any time. To do this, navigate to the current Course and click on the small drop down on the top right of the screen, then select Roll Over Course.

1st of june

When rolling over the course you set the following for the new Course in the same way as when you first created it:
  • Course Start Date
  • Course End Date
  • Whether it is an Award Course
    • If, yes, add the Award Cost
  • Show Online Date
  • Take Offline Date (Last Registration Date)
 Roll over course
For the rollover process, there are also some extra settings:
  • Send Rollover Email On
    • Lets you set the date the rollover email is sent to the Parents. 
    • Preset as Tomorrow
    • This email goes out at 9:00am on the date set.
NOTE: We recommend that you DON'T set the emails to go out immediately so that any mistakes made can be rectified first.
  • Increase Class Price
  • Copy Course Classes
  • Copy Course Consumers
  • Monthly Payments & Welcome Pack
    • Not currently available to all FranScape users due to specific requirements
    • You need to set these depending on the Course Type 
PLEASE NOTE: When doing a rollover, these are automatically set to ON, even if the previous course was set to OFF. Please be vigilant to avoid errors.
Once the process is complete, the following will have happened:
  • All Classes in the previous Course will roll over into the new Course
  • All Lesson dates will have been adjusted to fit within the new Course Dates
  • All Consumers will have been copied into the new Classes and a Charge added to the Parent's FranScape account
  • All consumers in the Waiting List for each Class will have been moved over into the Waiting List for the new Course
NOTE: Due to the time it takes FranScape to process a rollover, this process takes place in the background. The user that instigated the rollover will be emailed by FranScape when the process is complete.

Editing Classes Before The Course Begins

Once you've rolled over the Course, you have until the day before the Send Rollover Email date to make any changes to the Classes in the new Course. This includes (see articles):

The Rollover Email

The Rollover email has multiple templates that are applied dependent on the Consumer's status in the class:

  • Pay in Advance & Class has Monthly activated
    • Email has a link to their online account encouraging the Customer to switch to Monthly
    • The Customer can still choose to Pay in Advance
  • Pay in Advance and Class does not have Monthly activated
    • Re-Enrolment email contains all relevant Pay in Advance information
  • Monthly Plan
    • Email shows Class information and states that "Your payments will continue at £XX.XX"