Crash Courses - Creating Classes

Have you created your Crash Course yet?
If not, read the Crash Courses article first

Things to Note...

  • FranScape can only set lessons weekly on the same day, so you will need to set the day of the week (Frequency) as the start day of the Crash Course (Monday, for example)
  • You will need to set the Class Cost ("Charge Fee For") as "For Class" and enter the full cost of the Crash Course per consumer.
  • The Booking Confirmation email has been edited to include a note that the lesson day is the start date of the Crash Course.

Add class to course

Adding the Extra Lessons

At this point there will only be 1 lesson for the week, so:
  • Navigate to the relevant Class
  • Select the Lessons tab
  • Select Add Lesson
  • Set the Date
  • Set the Start Time and End Time
  • Select an Instructor
  • SAVE

Add lesson