Creating a Class

How to create a class

Classes are created within Courses
  • Select Courses
  • Select the course with the correct course type and date range for the class you are creating
  • Select the Classes tab
  • Click on Add Classes
 has badge
  • Frequency – Select the day of the week that the class takes place
  • Set Start Time
  • Set End Time
  • Select the Class Venue
  • Select the Facility 
  • Select the Instructor
    • You can only see Instructors here that are enabled and assigned to your territory
  • Set the Maximum number of consumer allowed in the class
    • The system will restrict bookings to this amount, though more can be added to the waiting list.
  • Set the Break-Even Number
    • The number of swimmers required for the class to break-even
    • This is a manual calculation for you to add
  • Set the Fee type
    • Per Lesson, or
    • Per Class
      • ie – the total cost of all Lessons in this Class
  • Set the Fee (based on the selected Fee Type)
  • Enter Min and Max Age restriction
    • This is not mandatory
    • This is just informational and does not stop bookings for swimmers over/under these ages
  • Enter Show Online date
    • This is the date that the new class would show up in searches on the new website.
  • Enter Take Offline/Last Registration date
    • This is the date that the new class would stop showing up in searches on the new website.
Clicking SAVE creates lessons on every week for the selected day, except for those that fall on the Skip Dates set for the class Venue.