Exporting Data - A Safety Guide

Your company should have a Data Protection Policy in place, but we've given you a few tips here to help.

Reports on Franscape include data export to .csv. When you export any data from a cloud based program it is downloaded to your computer. Even if you don’t save the file, it is still stored in your PC’s “Downloads” folder. 
If you do purposely save the contents of the export, it must be saved in a secure, password protected environment and should not be printed off unless absolutely essential. 
 It is recommended that you regularly: 
  • Delete the contents of your PC’s “Downloads” folder
  • Delete any saved exports that are no longer of use
  • Shred any exports that have been printed off as soon as they are no longer of use
  • Delete the contents of your PC’s “Recycle Bin

ICO advice on Data Protection can be found here