Lesson Finder - Pricing Options

Pricing blocks will dynamically appear on the Class Overview Page.


What do they show?

Different pricing blocks show depending on the setup of the class.

A maximum of 3 will show in various combinations:

  • Pay in Advance
  • Pay in Advance + Trial
  • Pay in Advance + Monthly Ongoing
  • Pay in Advance + Monthly Ongoing + Trial
  • Pick Lessons
  • Pick Lessons + Trial

How is the pricing shown?

All blocks show a "From" price*:
  • Monthly: The Monthly Payment amount
  • Pay in Advance (PIA): The cost of the remaining lessons in the course
  • Individual Lesson Selection: The PIA per lesson price
  • Trial: The Trial per lesson price

*As no details have been confirmed, this does not include the Venue Non-Member Fee (if applicable)

Are the buttons reactive?

Yes. Clicking the buttons has the following effect:

  • Monthly & PIA: Opens the standard booking process
  • Pick Lessons: Opens the Individual Lesson booking process
  • Trial: Opens the Trial booking process