Force Cancellation

When you cannot perform a 30-day cancellation due to the class attached to the plan being 'Inactive'.

  • Force Cancel the plan and manually add any charges/credits to the customers account.

Please Note: Force cancelling does not process any 30-day pro-rata lesson charges or credits for deposits, these will need to be manually added.

What if they are staying on as a Pay in Advance Customer?

You will need to add the Pay in Advance charges to their account.

Cancelling the Plan

  • Find the relevant Plan
  • Select the 14-Day Cancellations button

  • This will open the 14-Day Cancellation options

Remove From Class

  • If the Consumer is leaving, click Remove from Class
    • The Consumer will be removed from all future lessons
  • If the Consumer is staying on as a Pay in Advance, DO NOT click Remove from Class
  • Ignore the Cancel Order button
  • Click Cancel Plan