Franchisee - Dashboard

What is your Dashboard showing you?

    NOTE: Dashboard figures are updated daily.

    • Class Occupancy
      • Percentage of lesson spaces filled by consumers (In-progress classes only)

    • Income MTD (Month to Date)
      • Total Franchisee Income from the start of the month up until today's date
        • Calculation = Charges - Credits
    • Outstanding Balance
      • Outstanding Balance Total for all the franchisees customers
    • Monthly Payment
      • Total for Monthly Plan payments, this does not include PIA payments
    • Active Consumers this Week
      • Total consumers attending a lesson within the next 7 days.
    • Consumers Count
      • Total consumers in active classes

    Note: If a consumer is booked into two active classes, they will increase the count by 2.

    • Joined Students
      • Number of new consumers accepted onto a class in the last 24 hours.

    • Venue data
      • Venue names
      • Venue Occupancy
      • Venue Capacity
      • Territory


    • Venue Net Income 
      • All time total Venue Income


        • Student Movement (Graph)
          • Date Range is editable, using the date adjustment slider