Territory Split/Partial Sale

What do we do if a Franchisee is selling part of their Territory to another Franchisee?


It is your responsibility to consider the following in the terms of the sale figures:

  • The total value of Deposits for affected Monthly Plans that are still active on the transfer date
  • The total value of Outstanding Balances on the transfer date for affected Customers
  • The total value of Credit Balances on the transfer date for affected Customers
  • The total value of Levies applied by your Franchisor

What you need to do - Before the Transfer (Franchisees)

Please fill out this Excel table with the information for any active classes which need transferring to the new franchisee.

Click to download this table.

Class ID New Franchisee ID New Course ID
  • Class ID - Class which needs to be transferred from the old Franchisee.
  • New Franchisee ID - The Franchisee ID you would like to transfer this class to.
  • New Course ID - The course ID, under the new Franchisee, that you would like to transfer this class to. 

The new Course must:

  • Have the same, or similar course dates, as the current course.
  • Have the same course type, as the current course.

If the new Franchisees courses do not match these requirements, create a new course under the new Franchisee.


Class ID New Franchisee ID New Course ID
1001 21 501
1002 21 501
1003 21 502

For help: How do I find an ID?


Once this table is complete, please send these details to support@franscape.io along with a date you would like these classes to be transferred. 

We request that this information, with a deadline date between Monday-Friday, is sent to us with 4 weeks notice.


WARNING: Customer Transactions will not be transferred with the Classes, please ensure you clear any outstanding balances before the classes are transferred.


What you need to do - On the transfer date (Admin)

NOTE: If the receiving Franchisee is brand-new, you will need:

  1. Create a New Franchisee
  2. Create a New Territory
  3. Assign the Territory to the New Franchisee
  • Delete the affected postcodes from the existing Territory
  • Add the affected postcodes to the receiving Territory
    • This will automatically assign the customers to the new Franchisee.
  • Update the affected Venues Territory
  • Assign the Instructors to the new Territory

What Franscape will do

  • Reassign any Current/Upcoming Classes at the affected Venues to the receiving Franchisee*

* where applicable