MONTHLY PLAN - How Do I Change the Card Attached to my Monthly Plan

You can attach a different card to each Monthly Plan - here's how you change it.

  • Log In to your Account
  • Select My Classes

View Plan

  • For the plan you wish to edit, click View

View Plan Mobile

  • If you have another card already saved to your account it can be selected from the drop-down Card list
  • Click Update

    Adding a New Card

    • Click Add New Card

    • Enter the Name on Card
    • Enter the long Card Number
    • Enter the card Expiry Date
    • Enter the CVC number
    • Enter the Billing Postcode

    Please Note: This is the post code of the address that the card is registered to. If the card is rejected it may mean that it is different to your home address

    NOTE: If you already have active monthly plans on your account, you will get an option asking whether you would like to set this new card as the payment source for ALL of these plans. 

    • Select Yes  or No
    • Click Add Card

    A Note on Card Storage

    Your card is stored on your online account to make it easier for you to make payments. However, your full card details are not stored on our system. They are encrypted by our payment provider, Stripe, who then send back an encrypted token to our system. All we see is the last 4 digits which help us identify the correct card if you wish to pay over the phone.