How Do Trials Work?

Trials are aimed at offering your customers a chance to try your services without long-term commitment and filling up spaces in individual lessons.

"We Don't Call Them Trials!"

Trial? Taster? Tryout? Trailer? 

You might not call them a "Trial". That's okay, we've just set that as a default. To change this word, simply contact with your preferred word and its plural so we can change it for you.

Who Can Offer Trials?

That is up to the Franchisor. The ability to allow trial spaces can be switched on/off per Franchisee. Franchisor Administrators can see the instructions here.

What Options Do I Have?

You can:

  • Enable trial places per Class
  • Offer reduced price or free trial places
  • Limit the number of trial bookings per lesson
  • Limit the number of trial lessons booked per Consumer in the same class
  • Create classes purely for trial purposes

How Does This Look to a Franscape User?

Class Settings

You can switch trials on when creating or editing a class. This presents you with 3 settings:

Maximum Number of Trials Per Consumer

  • Here you set the maximum number of lessons per Consumer that can be booked at one time
  • The system ensures that these lessons must be consecutive (if possible) when booked

NOTE: This is per booking, this feature will not stop the consumers from rebooking another trial as part of a new booking.

Maximum Number of Trial Consumers Per Lesson

  • Here you set the maximum number of trial Consumers allowed in each lesson

Price Override Per Lesson

  • Here you can set the price per lesson for trial bookings
  • The default setting is the Pay in Advance lesson price
  • You can set it as £0.00 to offer free trials

On-Screen Information

Classes Table

  • New Column showing the number of Trial Bookings in the next lesson
  • Filter to see only classes with trials enabled
  • Filter to see only classes with trials bookings in the next lesson

Class > Lessons

  • Turn trial availability on/off per lesson
  • View Register: Includes Booking Type indicator per Consumer (Standard or Trial)

Class > Consumers

  • Includes Booking Type indicator per Consumer (Standard or Trial)

How Does This Look to a Customer?

In the Finder

  • Classes with Trials enabled will be flagged in the Finder

    In the Class Preview

    • The Class Preview page offers the option of booking a Trial place

    During Booking

    Select Trial Lessons

    • In this example, a maximum of 2 lessons are selectable and they must be consecutive:


    • The Customer only pays for the selected lessons at the Trial rate you set on the Class
    • If you set it as £0.00, the Customer does not have to add a payment card during the booking

    What happens when all trial places are booked?

    If all trial places in a class are booked, all indicators of trial availability for that class will be hidden.


    Trial Booking Confirmation

    The Customer will receive the Class Booking Confirmation - Tasters email.

    Post-Trial Follow-Up

    Franchisees are CC'd into the booking emails for trials - use the information there to follow up on bookings.


    Within an hour of the Consumer's last Trial Lesson, a follow-up email is automatically sent out to encourage them to make a standard booking:

    • A link to the Class Preview page for the class they attended will be included if they want to re-book a standard place
    • A link to the Finder is also included in case they want to/need to find a different class

    How does the customer re-book?

    The Customer can simply go online and book again.


    The customer can simply follow the links in the automatic follow-up email to either book into the same class again, or find a different one.

    How do I re-book the Consumer

     See Re-Booking a Trial Consumer Via Franscape