Managing the Class Waiting List

Why will a booking go to a Waiting List?

  • There are no remaining spaces in the class
  • The customers' payment has failed

How do I manage the Waiting List?

This can either be managed by:
  • Waiting table
  • Each individual Class > Waiting List
On each Waiting List entry, there are four buttons:

Accepting the Booking

Moving the Consumer to Another Class

  • Click the Arrows button

  • Select the new Course
  • Select the Venue
  • Select the new Class
  • Click Move Consumer

NOTE: Moving a consumer between Class Waiting Lists will not send the customer an email.

Removing the Consumer from the Waiting List

  • Click the Delete button

  • Select the Reason

    • These options are editable by your Franscape Administrators
  • Add Additional Information (Visible to Customer) - Optional

  • Send the customer an update email
    • Tick to send the email
    • Untick to stop the email sending
  • Click Remove Consumer