Managing the Class Waiting List

Each Class has it's own Waiting List which contains Consumers that are waiting for a space in the class. They will have been put there as a result of either:

  • A booking made via the website
  • A booking made over the phone

On the right hand side of each row there are four buttons
green tick
  • Tick - Accept the Booking
    • This will only show if the class is active
    • If the class is not active, you will need to move the Consumer to an active Class
  • Magnifying Glass - View consumers Details
  • Arrows - Move the Consumer to another Class
  • - Reject the Booking

Accept the Booking

  • Click the Tick button
  • Process the payment as usual - See Confirming a Booking & Taking Payment 

Move the Consumer to the Waiting List of Another Class

  • Click the Arrows button

move consumers to another class

  • Select the class you wish to move them to by first filtering down to the relevant Course, then Venue, then Class
NOTE: This will ask you to select all lessons the Consumer will be attending. Select "All" for now - You will be able to select again when confirming the booking.
  • Clicking Move Consumer  will then move the Consumer to the waiting list of the selected Class