Medical Up-to-Date Report

To run the Medical Up-to-Date Report:
  • Navigate to Reports in the left-hand panel
  • Select Medical (up-to-date)

BLue Bar

The report shows, by default, all Active Consumers where medical details are:
  • Not present 
  • Incomplete
  • Last updated more than 11 months ago
You can filter the table by:
  • Status
    • Active (displayed by default)
    • Inactive
  • Medical Status
    • All
    • Up to Date
    • Out of Date/Not Present (displayed by default)

Contacting Customers

Once you've applied the filters you want, you can Email/SMS the Customers remaining in the table using the Contact Customer/s button

Exporting Results

Simply press the Download button and confirm to export to .CSV

NOTE: Downloading the results exports all Consumers with Out of Date/Not Present medical details. Further filtering will need to be done in Excel.