Monthly Payments Report

Navigate to Reports > Monthly Payments


  • Enter the required Date Range
  • Choose Payment Status
    • All
    • Paid
      • All Monthly payments paid either fully or partially by card
    • Fully from Balance
      • Payments taken entirely from the credit on a Customer's account 
    • Paid & Fully from Balance
    • Declined
      • All payments still in a declined state 
    • Scheduled
      • Will only show results for future dates
      •  You can only see scheduled payments for up to a month from today
  • Generate Report



The Summary shows:
  • Customers in Period
    • Number of customers that have a plan with a payment date in the chosen period
  • Plans in Period
    • Number of Plans with a payment date in the chosen period
  • Payments in Period
    • Number of payments due to be taken 

The Financial Summary shows:
  • Total Payments
    • Total of payments due in the chosen period
  • Payments Paid
    • Successful payments received
  • Payments Due
    • Payments not taken yet (scheduled or declined)
  • Customers Credit
    • Current total of credit held by Customers in Period
  • Payments to Collect
    • Payments Due - Customers Credit

The Results Table

  • Customer 
  • Customer Balance
    • Balance as of the moment you ran the report
  • Plan ID
  • Consumer Name
  • Scheduled Payment
    • Charge that will be added for the next payment
  • Card
    • Payment Card assigned to the Plan
    • Warning Colours:
      • ORANGE - Expires within next 3 months
      • RED - Expired
  • Current Monthly Fee
    • Monthly fee attached to their plan
  • Date Due
    • Date monthly payment is due
  • Status
    • Scheduled
    • Paid
    • Declined
NOTE: Hover your pointer over the status to see the reason declined. A full list of status notes is available in the .CSV export.
  • Total Payment Due
  • Total Paid
    • Will be £0.00 if
      • Status is Scheduled
      • Status is Declined
      • Payment was covered entirely by Swimtime Account Credit
  • Still to Pay
    • Charge amount not yet collected for
  • Total to Collect
    • Still to Pay minus Credit on Customer Balance

CSV Export

Select Export to CSV when running the report. 

Results include more detail on reasons for Declined payments: