Non-Member Fees Owed to a Venue

How to calculate the Non-Member Fees owed to a Venue

To work out Non-Member fees owed to the Venue:
  • Run the Venue Report for the required month WITHOUT exporting to .csv
  • The Summary shows the number of non-members that attended that month


  • Use this formula to work out how much is owed to the venue in Non-Member Fees for that month:
((Non-Members x Non-Member Fee) / Weeks in Course) x Weeks in Month
For example - I have:
  • 82 Non-Members attended in the month
  • A £12.00 per Course Non-Member Fee for the Venue
  • 7 Weeks in the current Course
  • 4 Weeks in the month I'm reporting on
So the formula works out as:
((82 x £12 = £984) / 7= £140.58) x 4 = £562.32