How do I find an ID?

Each object on Franscape has a unique identification number

Here is a list of a few objects on Franscape:

  • Customers
  • Consumers
  • Venues
  • Instructors
  • Courses
  • Classes

How do I find the ID?


When you use the Search Everything, the ID of the object will be displayed under the object name.

Example with Customer & Consumer search:

Example with Instructor search:


When you open an object, the ID will be displayed in the URL.

Example with Customers:

Example with Instructors:


Some tables will display the ID reference in the first column.

Example with Classes:

Example with Customers:

Why is this useful?

Knowing the ID number helps other users locate this object, and avoid confusion with object having the same names.

Here is an example, below we have two customers with the same name:

Using their ID number allows users to locate the exact customer you are referring to, regardless of the similarities in other details.