Payments: Where, when and how do I get paid?

This article will explain how Payouts are received by FranScape users into their bank.

FranScape operates it's own payment gateway which is powered by Stripe.


Please note you cannot use an existing Stripe account with FranScape due to the way we split payments between Franchisor and Franchisee


As part of the Onboarding process you will have registered for a new Stripe account. Subject to their background checks, this enables you to receive funds via FranScape. 



FranScape batches funds Weekly every Wednesday at Midnight, which is paid the following Monday, or Next Working Day.

FranScape can not payout on a Bank Holiday, if Monday falls on a Bank Holiday, payout will take place the next Working Day

How much will I receive?

Your Stripe Dashboard will show you what payments you are due to receive and what is currently pending to your bank account. 

Screenshot 2022-09-05 at 14.57.49

What does "Pending" Mean?

Pending funds are ones that currently building ahead of the Wednesday 2359 cut off. Once these have been batched the will be paid the following Monday, or next working day afterwards.

Stripe will give you an estimation of what this amount will be by clicking the "See Details" button on the left hand side. 

Screenshot 2022-09-05 at 14.58.18-1

How safe is my money?

Once you have successfully onboarded with Stripe, any sales you make are deposited to your unique account which is linked to your bank. These can be viewed via the Dashboard as described above. 

Funds are never held in FranScape's bank accounts and FranScape cannot access the funds in your Stripe account.