Re-Booking a Trial Consumer via Franscape

How do I re-book a trial Consumer back in after their trial lesson?

If a Customer wants to re-book after a trial they can simply go online and book again. If you need to do it on their behalf:

Re-Booking into a different class

This is essentially a new booking - simply follow the instructions here to drop the Consumer into the Waiting List, then accept the booking.

Re-booking into the same class

  • Navigate to the Class where the Consumer attended a trial
  • Select the Consumers tab

In each Consumer row where they have attended as a Trial, you will see the Re-Book option:

Selecting the Re-Book option will open the Accept Booking process, which is the same process as accepting a booking from the Waiting list. 

What happens after I've re-booked a Consumer into the same class?

  • The Consumer is placed in the remaining lessons
    • If the Class has already been rolled over, they are placed in the upcoming class too
      • And charged accordingly if choosing Pay in Advance
  • Their Rollover status is changed to Yes
  • Their Booking status is changed to Standard
  • They will receive a full Booking Confirmation Email

What if they want to be booked into the same class, but starting in the next Course?

This is the same as Re-Booking into a different class.