FAQ - How does a refund affect a customer's balance?

When processing a refund, you will see this option:

This feature will automatically apply a credit of the refund amount to ensure the customers balance is not affected by the refund.
Ticked - The customer's balance will remain the same
Unticked- The customer's balance will be negatively affected by the refund

What if I have made a mistake?

If you have made a mistake, you can manually adjust the customer's transactions to either:
  1. Add a credit, to bring their balance back to the original balance
    1. If you need to increase the customers balance
  2. Delete the credit automatically applied by the refund
    1. If you need to decrease the customer's balance

For more information: Transactions - Managing Credits



Customer A has a balance of £10.00

I want to refund the customer their credit


Upon refund, I would untick this feature, to bring their balance down to £0.00



Customer B has a balance of £0.00

I want to refund the customer £20.00


Upon refund, I would tick this feature, to ensure the customer's balance remains as £0.00