Renewing Expired Instructor Documents

To update an expired Instructor document:
  • Navigate to the Instructor
  • Select the Documents tab

Add the New/Renewed Version of the Expired Document

PLEASE NOTE: Documents must be less than 10mb in size
NOTE: FranScape accepts many file types, but we recommend you stick to PDF or JPG where possible.
  • Click on the New Document button
  • Choose the File to upload from your computer
    • You should have already scanned and saved it
  • Add a short Description
  • Select what Type of document it is
  • Add a Reference (optional)
    • This could be the certificate number
  • Add Start Date
  • Add End Date

Make the Expired Document Inactive

  • Select Edit for the expired document


PLEASE NOTE: DO NOT edit any of the fields not mentioned in the instructions below. 
  • Select the Active dropdown field
  • Select Document is Inactive
    • This brings up the Renewed Document Field
  • Select the new document you just uploaded
    NOTE: You can only  select documents of the same Type as the expired document
    • UPDATE