Skip Dates

Skip Dates are set per Venue. When you create a class it searches the venue for these dates and omits them from the calendar so that lessons are not created on the given dates.


PLEASE NOTE: Skip Dates only affect classes that have not yet been created. For existing classes you need to manage changes from within the class itself (by cancelling or deleting lessons for example)

NOTE: You can add skip dates as far ahead as you want

IMPORTANT: Make sure you check all your skip dates are correct for all Venues before rolling over Courses on Franscape.

  • Navigate to the Venue
  • Select the Skip Dates Tab
  • Click Add Skip Date
  • Add Start & End Dates
    • These dates are Inclusive - they will be skipped as well as the days in-between.


Select the Reason that these dates are being skipped

  • The contents of this list are curated by your FranScape Administrator


  • SAVE