Setting Up My Franchise

As a Franchisee the first thing you need to do is set up your Venues, Instructors and Classes.

Franchisee Setup Flow-1-1

Everything underlined below contains a link to the relevant knowledge base article

Where Do I Start?


Once your FranScape Administrator has set up your Franchise on the main system you will be sent your login details. 

Initial Setup

PLEASE NOTE - Do NOT connect Stripe until you are ready to take bookings. 

Creating the Basics

    Check with your FranScape Administrator whether you need to set the Lesson Fee as £0.00 for the first Course. 

    All of the above needs to be done before they begin to add Customers and Consumers. 

    Customers & Consumers

    Customers and Consumers can now be added and booked into their relevant Classes.

    You FranScape Administrator will have confirmed with you by this point which approach to take when adding your existing Customers & Consumers. The below is a guide for adding them manually.