Switching to Monthly Payments

PLEASE NOTE: If the Consumer has been booked in as Pay in Advance for a single lesson (a trial lesson for example) DO NOT use switch to monthly. Instead, remove them from the class and re-book them as a Monthly Plan Consumer.

PLEASE NOTE: If the customer was booked with a discount, the system will still try to add a credit for these lessons at full price. You may need to manually adjust the credit applied.

  • Navigate to the Consumer
  • Select the Classes tab
  • Select the Class they are currently in
  • Select the Consumers tab

Sundays at 1100 am

  • Select the Activate Monthly button (circled in green above)

Upgrade to Swimtime plan

  • Per Month: Click the Information button and read the script to the Customer
1: "Your monthly payments will be £32.67. This figure is worked out by taking the number of lessons per year at X, multiplied by the per lesson fee, then dividing by 12"
  • Per Lesson: Click the Information icon and read the script to the Customer
2: "Your monthly payment broken down per lesson is £X.XX. It includes a portion of the non-member fee where applicable.
  • Initial Payment: Click the Information icon and read the script to the Customer
3: "Your initial payment consists of 2 elements:
  • Fees covering the period from the date of your first lesson to your next payment date
  • A full month held in deposit
    • This does NOT constitute your next payment. The month in deposit is held until you give the required 30-days’ notice to leave the Monthly Plan, at which point it will be applied as credit to your online account to cover any monies owed. Any left-over credit will then be refunded to you. Full terms and conditions are available on our website."
  • Credit Applied
4: This credit is made up of the remaining lessons in the current Course. We have to credit this back to you as lessons are charged differently when paying monthly. 

The initial payment is still required to be paid today, but your consequent monthly payments will be reduced by the amount you are in credit.

For Example – if your monthly payments are £30.00 and your account is £20.00 in credit, your next monthly payment will be £10.00
  • Select or add the Card that the customer wants to pay their Initial & Monthly payments with.
6: "This card will also be assigned to your monthly payments. If you would prefer to use a different card for monthly payments, I can change it for you afterwards or you can log in to your online account and change it online." 
NOTE: If they wish to pay the Initial Payment using one card and the Monthly payments using another card, select the one for the Initial Payment here and the Change the Monthly Payment Source after completing the conversion.
  • Select the Date they wish to pay each month
  • Up Next: Click the Information button and read the script to the Customer
  • Delivery Address
    • If the Customer would like their Welcome Pack delivered to the address on their account leave the box ticked
    • If the Customer would like their Welcome Pack delivered to a different address, untick the box and add the new delivery address
  • Terms & Conditions
    • Read the script to the Customer
      • Tick the box if they agree
  • Click Upgrade to Plan
If the Customer wants to change the card used for monthly payments, see article Change Monthly Payment Source .