System Update 21/09/2022

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New Feature!

Franchisee/Admin users can now rebook Consumers back into the same class where Allow Individual Lesson Booking is active. See here for details. 

  • FIXED: Issue where a Consumer could not be added to a Waiting List for a Class they had already attended.


Thanks for the feedback! We've implemented a few of your suggestions already and finished off some of the features we already had in the pipeline.

New Feature!

Franchisee/Admin users can now rebook Trial Consumers back into the same class. See here for details. 

  • Class > Trial Settings - If "Trials Enabled" is selected, Trial settings fields are now mandatory.
  • Class > Trial Settings > Trial Price Override - Improved entry into this field as it was confusing when compared to the other fields.
  • Fixed: Edit/Create a Class - Issue where Trial options were still showing for Franchisee users when Trials were switched off for that Franchisee.
  • Transactions - All charges and payments related to Trial bookings are now labelled with "Trial Booking"