System Update 01/02/2023

Remember - You may need to hard-refresh your browser to pull in the latest updates.

Feature Updates!

Accept Booking Overhaul

The Accept Booking process has had an overhaul to give you more, clearer information when accepting a booking from the Waiting List. Watch the video below to see what's changed.

New Filters Beta

We've been working on improvements to the table filters in Franscape. These changes have been applied to the filters on the Customers table as a Beta test. Watch the video below to see what's changed.

On top of these changes, the table now defaults to the following combination of filters:

  • Active/Inactive Status = ACTIVE
  • Enabled/Disabled/Prospect = ENABLED

We Need You!

As always, we value feedback from our users on new, improved and beta features, so feel free to get in touch via with your thoughts. All we ask is that you put "Feedback" in the subject line of the email. 

Other Updates:


  • Improved: If a customer has an outstanding 3D Secure payment requiring authorisation, they will not be able to make another booking until it has been authorised. 
    • At the point the Customer clicks "Book Now", they will be redirected to the 3D Secure Authorisation screen.


  • Fixed: Issue where Reports exported to PDF were showing an error.