System Update 03/01/2024

Remember - You may need to hard refresh your browser to pull in these updates

Bookings Report

The filters for the Bookings Report have been changed to match the new filters layout in other areas of Franscape. They can be accessed via the button on the top right of the table:


The documents tables have been update to the new Table + Preview model:


Improved Feature

The Lesson Finder no longer shows venues where there are no matching results (these were previously shown as Red Pins on the map and sidebar).

Lessons View

Improved Feature

The Consumers list in the Lesson Preview will now show the following status icons for each Consumer if:

  • Media Permissions have NOT been granted 
  • The Medical form has NOT been filled in 


Trial Bookings

Fixed: Issue where, when a trial booking was re-booked into the class as a Standard booking, the Booking Type did not change.

Visual Updates

Iconography throughout Franscape has been updated: