System Update 03/12/2021

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Hard Refresh:

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Mac: Cmd+Shift+R


  • FIXED: Rare issue on some mobile devices where multiple presses on the Confirm Booking button generate duplicate charges


  • FIXED: Issue where Franchisee users could not view email logs
  • FIXED: No error message when an SMS is over the character limit
    • A character count has also been added to the Contact Customers function

Franchisee Portal

  • Franchise Levies
    • If the Franchisor is taking franchise levies (for example: MSF, Marketing, IT) at source via Franscape, the % of these levies can be viewed in Settings > Basic Information


  • FIXED: Child* Plans that have not yet started should not be cancellable
    • A "Child" plan is created when a Consumer is moved from one upcoming class to another. The Child Plan takes over from the original ("Parent") plan when the new class starts.
  • FIXED: Where a child plan is present but has not yet started, cancelling the Parent plan does not apply the deposit credit.
  • FIXED: Issue in Customer > Plans > Scheduled Payments where users couldn't navigate past page 1 
  • FIXED: Franchisee users cannot search by Plan ID in the Plans table


  • Added a character count to the Notes field in Customer > Transactions > Stripe Payment