System Update 04/03/2021

Remember – you may need to perform a hard refresh to pull in these updates (Ctrl+Shift+R)

Customer Journey

Medical Details

  • Medical Details now required during the booking process (if you have Medical Details Requirement switched ON)
  • Medical Details – Removed section for GP Details

Lesson Finder

  • Class information cards – added:
    • Course Category
    • Max/Min Age (if set)
  • Updated Help text
  • Fixed bug where finder was displaying the wrong favicon

Franscape Users

Global Search

  • Fixed issue where Search Now field would not show results for Consumers
  • Added function to Search Now field where you can type in the entity type to further filter the results:
    • For example – if you type “Consumer Joe Bloggs” the results shown will only be Consumers. The same can be done for Venue, Instructor and Customer


  • Fixed issue where some lessons were showing BST time
  • Move Consumer to another Class - Added option to select last lesson to be attended in old class


  • Consumers Breakdown Report – Fixed issue where lessons were not being counted if the Consumer had been manually removed from the class


Various other structural updates have been applied.