System Update 04/04/2024

You may need to perform a hard refresh of your browser to activate these updates.


Fixed: Issue where, when booking a trial class with automatic booking acceptance off, the system does not tell the customer this is a waiting list booking.

Fixed: Issue where, If a customer books a class that is full, they get an error message to say the booking has failed, despite the booking being successful. 

Fixed: Issue where, If the booking amount for a customer is £0.00, they are added to the waiting list instead.

Fixed: Issue where, if the Customer is in credit at the time of booking, the credit is applied to each Consumer in the booking.


Fixed: Issue where, if a monthly consumer is moved from a finished/in progress class to an upcoming class, the system will apply a PIA charge for the upcoming class.

Customer Portal

Fixed: Customer Portal > My Classes - Issue where some "In Progress" classes were showing as "Previous".

Monthly Plan

Fixed: Issue where, on rare occasions, plan cancelation calculations included an extra lesson.

Fixed: Issue where a plan could not be cancelled if the Class it relates to has not started yet.


Fixed: Issue where CSV export of reports had stopped working.