System Update 06/03/2024


When a Customer is making a Pay in Advance or Monthly Plan booking, they will no longer be able to select more Consumers than there are ongoing spaces available in the Class.

The Spaces counter will now count down the available spaces as Consumers are selected. Once the available spaces are filled, the remaining Consumers display a message:

What if the Class is already full?

If the class is already full when the Customer selects to book it ("Book to Waiting List"), they will still be able to book as many Consumers as they want directly to the Waiting List.


Fixed: Issue where some bookings of 2 or more Consumers to the same class would apply charges for all, but only take payment for one.


Fixed: Returned the default sorting of the Classes table to ID (High > Low)

Fixed: Visual issue with overlapping sorting buttons in the Classes Table


Fixed: Issue where password reset would not accept special characters (such as !,",*,%)