System Update 06/04/2020

Customer Portal

  • Leave Monthly Plan
    • “Anything We Should Know” is now a mandatory field
    • Balance modal added to encourage payment of final balance
  • Add Card
    • Newly added card is automatically selected


  • 30-Day Cancellation
    • Disabled the requirement to choose a last lesson (temporary due to COVID-19 shutdown)
    • "Please provide extra feedback as to why you're leaving" field is now mandatory
  • Moving Plan Consumers in upcoming Courses
    • If you move a plan consumer in an upcoming course a new plan will be created for them that starts on the first day of the course. Their current plan will end on the last day of the current course.
  • Card Expiring
    • Changed frequency of the “Card Expiring” email to:
      • 1st day of expiry month


      • Every day for the last 7 days of the month


  • Class > View > Consumers
    • In future courses, Consumers on a plan now show “Yes” (beforehand this would not change until course start date).


  • Cancelled Lessons
    • Instructor is sent SMS when a lesson is cancelled
    • Customer SMS Coming Soon
  • SMS Length
    • SMS restricted to 160 characters