System Update 09/05/2023

You may need to hard-refresh your browser to pull in the latest updates.



Usability improvements have been made to the My Consumers section of the Customer Portal:

  • "Mobile First" layout improvements
  • Simple statuses for important sections
    • Highlights the choice made for the Media option
    • Questions requiring an answer*
    • Whether Medical Information is properly updated**
    • Clear indication of the number of Awards attained***

*only shows if you have a Consumer Question set

**only shows if you require Medical Details for Consumers

***only shows if you are using the Incentive Schemes feature to assign Awards to Consumers


PLEASE NOTE: Customer Knowledge Base Article Template My Student Awards has been updated to reflect these changes. You may need to update your knowledge base too.


  • Improved: Loading of the Consumers tab within a Class (Figures update overnight)


  • Fixed: Issue where the Active Consumers count was showing a different figure to the dashboard


  • Various background and security updates