System Update 10/06/2021

Remember – you may need to perform a hard refresh to pull in these updates.

Hard Refresh:

PC: Ctrl+Shift+R

Mac: Cmd+Shift+R

Booking Journey


  • Option available to add "Max Class Size" to the class cards
    • Displays, per class, the maximum occupancy of the class
    • This is a global option, so please contact Franscape Support if you would like to have this option switched on
  • Added a Last Lesson date and reordered information to show in order (see image above):
    • First Lesson
    • Last Lesson
    • Next Available Lesson
  • FIXED - Next Available Lesson date always showing 12:00am as the time

Booking Flow

  • Added a view of the Lesson Calendar to each step

Register > Add Customer

  • Customers are no longer asked to provide their Gender

Register > Add Consumer

  • Selection of Consumer Gender is now optional
    • If no selection is made, it saves as Not Specified
  • Customers can now select I am the Consumer. Franscape then auto-fills information on the Customer it already has saved so that only Date of Birth needs to be added.

Monthly Plans

  • FIXED - Intermittent issue where, when a Consumer has been moved in an upcoming class, the new plan had the wrong start date


  • FIXED - New Venues not showing the correct location


  • FIXED - Issue where Franchisee users could not reduce the max occupancy of a class


  • FIXED - intermittent error when exporting reports to CSV & PDF

Time Issues

  • FIXED - Time on Waiting List out by 1 hour
  • FIXED - Time on Email Verification out by 1 hour


  • FIXED - Error when uploading PDF files
  • FIXED - Wrong email template being sent when triggering a password reset for Admin & Franchisee users