System Update 13/03/2023

You may need to hard-refresh your browser to pull in the latest updates.

Improvement - Quick Filters

As we add the new filters to each table in Franscape, we're also changing default state of these filters, usually to show you what is Active by default. 

Thanks to your valuable feedback, we've applied Quick Filters to these tables (where appropriate) So you can easily switch between Active Statuses.

As we add the new filters to more tables, we'll also add these quick filters if they are relevant.

Improvement - Medical Details

When adding/editing Medical Details, the Customer's details are now pre-filled as the Emergency Contact details. However, we've also added a message suggesting that, if they want to use somebody else as an Emergency Contact, they should enter the details here. 

Improvement - Accept Booking

When accepting a booking (or re-booking), you can now see where the Consumer is already in the lessons:

Monthly Plan

Pay In Advance