System Update 13/07/2018

The following Features and fixes have now gone live on Franscape:
  • Move a Class to another Course (Change Class Type)
    • See Knowledge Base article for instructions.
  • Class > View > Waiting List - Selecting the Customer Name from the table takes you to the wrong Customer.
    • Fixed
  • Can't view a register once it's been completed.
    • “View” Button Reinstated
  • Customer Table - Make "Balance" column sortable.
    • Click on the column header to cycle sorting options
  • Course Rollover - Can't save the Course if "Badge Course?" is set as "No".
    • Fixed
  • Course > View > Rollover Course 
    • Any Consumers in the Waiting List for the current Course now carry over into the Waiting List for the next Course.
  • Course > View > Rollover Course
    • All existing consumer now go straight into the Class (with the relevant charges applied to the Parent), not the Waiting List.