System Update 13/10/2022

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Trial Bookings

The Post Taster Follow-Up Email is now active

Every hour, Franscape will check for lessons that have just finished, then it will check for Consumers on a trial in those lessons. If the Consumer is not booked into future lessons in that class, a follow-up email is automatically sent out to encourage them to make a standard booking:

  • A link to the Class Preview page for the class they attended will be included if they want to re-book a standard place
  • A link to the Finder is also included in case they want or need to find a different class

See Here for more details on Trial Follow-Up.

Attention Admins! The email template used here is Taster Follow-Up. If you haven't already, you may want to edit the default content. See HERE for instructions.

  • Fixed: Issue where both Waiting List and Booking Confirmation emails were being sent when a booking was confirmed.
  • Fixed: Issue where, when re-booking into the same class after a trial, the booking type didn't change to Standard.
  • Fixed: Issue where re-booking after a taster didn't change the booking type.

Classes Table

  • Fixed: Issue where the Trials Next Lesson figure was wrong
  • Fixed: Issue where the Trials Booked filter showed inaccurate results (due to the issue above)