System Update 14/12/2020

New & Updated Features

Adding a Payment Card

  • When customer adds new card, System asks if it is to be applied to ALL active monthly plans.
    • Customer Portal > Manage My Account > Manage Cards > Add Card
    • Admin/Franchisee > Customer > Cards > Add Card
    • Accept a Booking (Existing Customer) > Make Payment > Add Card
    • Related Knowledge Base articles have been updated

Finder - Searching for Online Classes

  • Online Classes can now be flagged and searched for specifically
  • When searching for online classes, the “Miles willing to travel” option is removed
  • When searching for online classes, the Finder only shows the nearest “venue” (that has classes flagged as “Online”) to the customer's given location
  • Knowledge Base articles will be updated shortly


    • Fixed - Issue where user was unable to save a change to the payment card attached to a monthly plan
    • Fixed – Issue where user could not edit Course Category & Type names