System Update 15/12/2021

Remember - You may need to hard-refresh your browser to pull in the latest updates.

Hard Refresh:

PC: Ctrl+Shift+R

Mac: Cmd+Shift+R


  • Consumer Questionnaire: Added a "Required" flag to the Answer field
  • Adjusted the positioning of the Monthly Pay in Advance options on Desktop
  • Pay in Advance payment option: Where Monthly is also available, the price comparison for Pay in Advance has been changed to “Price per block can vary based on the number of lessons


  • FIXED: Franchisee User > Customer - Contact Customer button missing
  • Contact Customer/s: Following User feedback, the "You are about to send a message...." warning has been given a red background to make it stand out more.
  • Contact Customer/s: Following User feedback, the filters you have selected prior to pressing "Contact Customers" display in the box:

Please Note: We can currently only display the names of the filters where you have made a selection, not the selections themselves. 

For example, you can select a specific venue in the "Venue" filter, and this would only show as "Venue"


  • FIXED: Where a Customer had made bookings with 2 different Franchisees, the Franchisees could see the balance for both


  • FIXED: Error where some document types could not be downloaded from Franscape


  • Moved the "Consumer Breakdown Report" into alphabetical order


  • FIXED: Franchisee Portal > Venue > Customers - View displaying incorrectly, including Contact Customers