System Update 19/06/2019

The following work has just gone live on Franscape.

  • Transactions 
    • More information added to charges created by Course rollovers
  • Credits
    • Reason list added when adding a credit to a customer
  • Course Rollover Email
    • Total of charges now includes Venue Non-Member Fee
  • Instructor Documents
    • Instructor Documents can now be manually deactivated once they have expired
    • Updated documents can be linked to those that have expired

 New Features
  • Contact Customers” button added to:
    • Medical Up-to-Date Report
    • Outstanding Balance Report

Reports – Improved
  • Venue Share Report
    • This report can now differentiate between how the venue is paid for pool hire: % or £ per hour. This means that "Amount Owed to Venue" is correct for venues paid @ £ per hour.
    • HOWEVER: This report CANNOT yet spot where 2 or more classes have taken place in a facility at the same time, so you will still need to be vigilant in checking the results. We are working on a solution to this.
    • Added a "Revenue Total" column to results table (to left of Rate) showing total revenue per class
    • Added columns per class that show number of Members (Confirmed)Members (Unconfirmed) & Non-Members in the class
Reports – New
  • Franchisee Gross Profit Report 
  • Class Occupancy Report 
  • Instructor Expired Documents Report
  • Credits Report 
  • Venue Consumers Report
    • Per Venue: shows all Consumers/Members/Non-Members that are booked into classes at the venue in a given date range.